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Ingredients 1 cup non-dairy milk (skim milk works too) ½ frozen banana ¼ tsp cinnamon Directions, 1 serving Place the frozen banana in a microwavable cup with the non-dairy milk. Heat in the microwave for one minute, or until desired temperature is reached. Add the cinnamon, stir and enjoy! Nutritional Information, Serves 1 Per serving […]

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August 29, 2021

Creamy Warm Cinnamon Banana Milk

Ingredients, 20 Servings (20 mini rolls) 1-1/4 cup gluten free all purpose or whole wheat pastry flour 1-1/2 tsp brown sugar, unpacked 1 tsp baking powder 1/4  tsp salt 3/4 cup vegan buttermilk (you can use regular buttermilk too) 1 tbsp organic coconut oil 1/3 cup brown sugar, unpacked 2 tsp ground cinnamon 100% olive […]

Breakfast, Dessert, Eat, Snacks

July 29, 2021

Bite Sized Cinnamon Rolls

If you’re a fan of cinnamon, you’re going to love these energy balls. They are easy to make, impossible to resist, and contain cinnamon which is one of the healthiest spices on the planet. It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits. If […]

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April 15, 2021

Cinnamon Spice Energy Balls