As nutrition leaders of the industry, ETL Is here to help you redefine the nutrition aspect of your wellness.

Focusing on a 360 degree approach to wellness, your nutrition plan will make up an important piece of the puzzle. Creating a customized plan that complements the train and love aspect of your program is always our mission! 

daniel + mary

Our wedding album is still the talking point when people come over to our house! They are absolutely stunning! Thank you Hamilton!

kallie + Robert

We are ecstatic with how our engagement session went and how beautiful the images came out! Thank you Hamilton for capturing us so authentically.

mary Rose

Goodness! I am absolutely in love with my photos - they are STUNNING. And the Henderson pair were so easy to work with! Totally recommend!

Whole food approach
Minimally processed
Plenty of produce
Reducing the 5 key inflammatory causers
Everything in moderation, including moderation
Balance in hydration status
Decreasing systematic inflammation
Allowing the gut to be your second brain
But most importantly enjoying the food on your fork!


Snack Thyme

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From Nutrition 101 to Mental Health and Motivation, each episode tackles the most popular questions from a science-based, sustainable wellness mindset - ready to suit any lifestyle. Grab a snack and let’s chat!

Jillian - Founder of Eat.Train.Love.NYC 
Emma - RD_EmmaBn

After studying food, culture and society in Florence, Italy - Jillian’s skillset expanded and kickstarted the focus that wellness is beyond just the food on your plate.

Ingredients don’t only have nutrition value. They have culture, family, friends, memories, and passion.