Are you ready to redefine what wellness means to you?

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✓ self propelled workshops
✓ detailed handouts for applying the habit of the week
✓ a sheet to track your progress
✓ biweekly live group calls (recorded for your convenience)
✓ 2 customized critiques of your personalized wellness workbook 
✓ a Facebook group for community building 
✓ Bonus: a welcome gift! 

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Are you ready to:

ditch serial dieting for sustainable results?

Are you ready to:

prevent burnout & maintain a positive relationship with wellness?

Are you ready to:

increase confidence and commitment to your body?

Are you ready to:

finally find a CUSTOMIZED plan that's made just for you?

Unique weekly text check ins & emails with additional motivation, tips and tricks of the week's theme - We know not everyone loves reading emails so we're giving you the option to pick! You'll get the same info from both and you can interact as you wish!

Custom digital recipe book compiled at end of course with all students' 
favorite recipes

Access to a private FaceBook group to meet, chat, bounce ideas and explore with others in the course.

10 Week Course 

(with 16 weeks to complete - we get it, life gets in the way sometimes)

Covering all pillars of wellness including nutrition, exercize, sleep, stress management, self care, mindset, mental health 

Custom worksheets and templates to guide you through each pillar of wellness and for your reference as you tackle your new sustainable plan.

BiMonthly (recorded) group Q&A calls to ensure no one gets left behind- we all grow and learn when we do it together! Can't make a live call? No problem! You will be able to submit questions ahead of time and we'll be sure to address it in the recording!

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With a commitment of both parties, we want to make sure we're a good
fit for each other! It's important to use that clients enter the program
ready, willing and able to make simple yet effective changes to their health & wellness!

Application Process

What's the difference between this course and all 1:1 coaching?How will this provide value to my life?

Working Together 1:1

Value of Outcome

$21,000 equivalency of 1:1 that you get from course

...but here, for exact same transformation, you would receive the course + community + coaching + bonuses for less than 20% the cost

What is your investment and what can you benefit from long term?

Let's envision where you can be a few months from now, shall we?

✓ decreased stress around wellness
✓ improved relationships with loved ones
✓ balanced energy levels (without the afternoon slump)
✓ steps closer to fitness goals
✓ using those "new" workout sneakers that were in your closet for 3 months
✓ feeling confident in your skin
✓ quality + quantity sleep
✓ improved wellness status
✓ having a new found energy and zest for life

Envision your future self and the habits you'll create along the way with your health + wellness investment. Envision making continued progress for years to
come. Your investment for building the foundation now WILL pay off for many years to come!

Return on Investing in Yourself

You'll receive coaching calls,
accountability and a tried + proven, personalized plan you can't find anywhere else!


What do I get if I sign up today?

If you sign up within 24 hours, you'll receive a 3-day anti-inflammatory meal
planning guide made with some of our most requested recipes by ETL's
professionals + leaders in the industry! (worth $300)

If you sign up with a pay-in-full option, you'll receive an Eat.Train.Love.NYC
Bonus Kit including our favorite products to get you started on this
journey! (worth $500+)

Optimizing protein is great, but do you know what is REALLY great? Optimizing
your full 360° of wellness via nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindset and healthy living.
If you want a step-by-step, "here’s exactly how to do it" system for helping you
redefine wellness and upgrade your health [utilizing your specific goals],
this is for you! Join the waitlist to our VIP Foundation Round!

Now you know?

It's time to redefine what wellness means for you!

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