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What’s better than a refreshing smoothie to start the day? Nothing. This green smoothie recipe features kale, coconut water and any frozen fruit of your choice. You won’t regret spending less than 5 minutes to make this smoothie!  Ingredients 8 oz coconut water 2 handful spinach / kale 1 cup of any frozen fruit 1/4-1/2 […]

Breakfast, Eat, Smoothies, Snacks

September 2, 2021

Green Goodness Smoothie

If your immune system needs an extra boost, this is the recipe you need. This easy-to-make superfood bowl is packed with phytonutrients and quality carbohydrates to provide you with long lasting energy! If you’re looking for any added benefits, look no more. This bowl is packed with kale which is high in fiber and vitamins […]

Eat, Lunch

March 17, 2021

Quinoa, Kale and Edamame Superfood Bowl

Packed with nutrients, kale is one of our favorite greens to snack on. Combining kale with a low-fat source of dairy provides the added benefit of protein, calcium and vitamin D. This recipe is a twist on a traditional snack but has all of the healthy nutrients needed to keep your day going.  Added bonus […]

Eat, Snacks

January 1, 2021

Simple Crunchy Kale Snack