Menemen Recipe

Menemen is not only extremely delicious but also a one pan dish that’s loved by many Turkish people, including myself. This easy egg recipe comes together in less than 20 minutes and is perfect for any meal of the day. 

Menemen gets its name from the Turkish market town of Menemen, a small town located just off the main highway of north Izmir. Simply put, Menemen is scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers and onions with a dash of dried herbs and some chili flakes for seasoning. 

PS: Menemen is not the same as shakshuka. Even though they share some ingredients, the seasoning and preparations are different. If you’re ready, let’s cook some menemen!

Important Tips

  • You need quality ingredients for this dish. So pick the best products that are available to you! Look for firm green bell peppers and smooth skinned tomatoes. They should be juicy and fragrant. Remember to use quality extra-virgin olive oil, which’ll add richness and flavor to the dish. 
  • Do not overcook the eggs. You need to make sure to scramble the eggs gently over medium-low heat. The eggs should be pillow-y and not dry.
  • Serve with thick slices of toasted crispy country-style bread.
  • If you’re making this recipe for more than 1 person you can change the ingredients accordingly.

How to Make Menemen

  1. Cook the onions, peppers and tomatoes in that order. First, chop one yellow onion, then grab a good 10-inch pan and heat up extra-virgin olive oil. Start sautéing the onions. At the same time, chop up one green pepper and add that to the sautéd onions. Season with a pinch of salt, then mix until softened (about 5 minutes).
  2. Add the tomatoes. Chop 2 vine ripe tomatoes or you can also use pre-chopped ones. We recommend you buy the tomatoes fresh if you want a better tasting Menemen. Add the tomatoes to the pan. Add black pepper, a pinch of teaspoon dried oregano. Cook over medium heat until the tomatoes soften, for about 7 minutes.
  3. Add the eggs and cook gently. Keep the mixture in the skillet, lower the heat to medium-low, add 2 beaten eggs and cook gently until the eggs are set. 
  4. Fold the tomato mixture into the eggs. When the eggs are just set, use a wooden spoon and fold the tomato mixture into the eggs. Mix gently and do not overcook the eggs.
  5. Finish with olive oil and more seasoning. As soon as the tomato mixture and eggs are incorporated, remove the skillet from the heat. Taste and adjust seasoning. You can add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and chili red pepper flakes. Serve immediately with some thick toasted bread.

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